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solar installation that lasts 25 years and more

Solar installation for grid tied, hybrid and off grid solar by a highly qualified and certified solar contractor. 

Why you should use the best solar contractor

Solaria PowerXT solar panels

An all black solar panel with no silver bus bars makes your solar project look like a piece of artwork. Solaria makes beautiful high efficiency solar panels with a 25 year warranty. The top of this  page shows what they look like installed.

SolarEdge Power Optimized Technology

Solaredge solar inverter

DT Solar includes the cost of upgrading Solaredge's warranty to 25 years. Solaredge has become the best solar inverter on the market.

Battery backup systems with the LG Chem RESU 10

LG Chem lithium battery backup

Not everyone is trying to go completely  off the grid. They just want an alternative to a generator at a competitive price point. DT Solar is a certified LG Chem installer

DT Solar has NABCEP Certified Solar Professionals

nabcep certified solar dt solar

Being NABCEP certified is the most important part of selecting a solar contractor. A typical electrician will not understand the National Electrical Code's requirement for properly installing a solar system. 

The requirements are designed to test whether an electrician is truly qualified to install solar. Read the requirements :

Off grid solar without Outback is a Mistake

Outback makes the most rugged off grid inverters on the market. Easily repairable. DT Solar builds each off grid system using equipment that will still work in 25 years. Morningstar charge controllers, Fullriver AGM batteries and flexware hardware. 

Outback lets you purchase extra boards that take 20 minutes to replace. That means if your a prepper you'll be set if your inverter suddenly fails. 

Being a "Union" IBEW contractor and the benefits


Being union means being capable of supporting very large solar projects. It also means the workers will be safe, knowledgeable and be paid well to do a good job. 

Most of the time I work by myself (Doyle Tenney) because West Virginia is a small state. But having the ability to get qualified electricians within a couple days is the advantage  for commercial projects and when multiple jobs are slowing DT Solar down.

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Long-Term Solar Benefits

By switching to solar energy you're not just saving the environment from the environmental impacts of burning coal. You can make up to 400% Return  on your solar investment.

Solar Installers You Can Trust

A West Virginia licensed Master Electrician with NABCEP solar installation professional certification; On-site at all times. All of our installers are licensed electricians and understand the National Electrical Code. 

Solar Solutions

The most cosmetically pleasing and efficient solar modules, power optimized with LG Chem battery backup compatability. 

Off grid systems that give you the most quality vs cost available.