Unsafe Solar Practices

DIY Solar is not worth the risk

DT Solar has installed solar on electrician’s homes. Can you do it? Maybe, but you’re literally playing with fire and death. You also risk damaging the equipment by installing it improperly. You’re not saving enough money by doing it yourself either. Solar contractors get discounts on the equipment they purchase. This allows them to come in close to what you’ll pay for just material anyway. So it doesn’t make sense to DIY it anyway.

NABCEP Solar Professional is Key

Be very careful when selecting a contractor for the same reasons as a DIYer. If one of your bids came in alot cheaper than the others. There is a very high probability you have someone that isn’t NABCEP certified. Do NOT hire a handyman to install solar (against the law). But ask complex questions and pay attention to how knowledgeable the contractor actually is in solar.

Do not attempt to work on solar equipment

Solar Inverters use capacitors that hold charge even after the power has been turned off. The wiring on your roof is up to 600vdc. Potential for falling off the roof, catching something on fire or damaging the equipment is too high. Voiding warranties isn’t a good idea either. Call a certified solar professional to repair your solar system.

Do not trust your contractor’s word

When a contractor says they are certified check the nabcep certified locator here: http://www.nabcep.org/certified-installer-locator?country=United+States&state=WV&cert=pv

If it looks wrong, its wrong

When your contractor is putting that solar system in and something doesnt look right. It’s likely not. If your worried about your solar installation contact the WV State Fire Marshal and have them inspect it. Or call DT Solar and we’ll take a look at it or help determine if it is unsafe.

Bottom Line

It is our belief at DT Solar that in order for a solar system to actually last 25 years, it needs to be installed by a NABCEP certified solar installer.

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