Energy Efficiency in West Virginia

Solar VS Energy Efficiency in West Virginia

West Virginia has a serious energy efficiency problem. When DT Solar comes out to give a quote. We find a laundry list of items that can reduce electric bills with minimal cost. The power company does have incentives that can give rebates for the installation of energy star appliances. You could literally save yourself 20% or more on your electric bill without installing solar.

Before getting your solar panels, you may want to find out how much money you can save by installing LED’s, upgrading to a NEST thermostat, adding insulation to your attic, sealing ductwork and evaluating how many electric appliances are running when they don’t need to be.

Solar is getting cheaper but it’ll never be cheaper than replacing 60 watt light bulbs with 7 watt LED’s.

Going Green Cheap

This website shows a list of all the energy efficiency programs available to Appalachian Power customers. It’s a huge resource to start using less electricity

First Energy doesn’t offer any programs

Yes, thats right. You’re on your own if you live in North Central West Virginia or in the Eastern Panhandle.

What is a NEST thermostat?

If you have an ancient thermostat; your burning money. A NEST thermostat is a smart thermostat that can tell when your home and when your not. It can be turned off if you forgot to turn it off when you go on vacation. $200 or less.


Heating and cooling is most of your electric bill. DT Solar recommends having a general contractor assess how much more insulation can be added to provide real savings.

Seal your Ductwork

A $10 roll of aluminum tape can pay for itself in a month. Don’t heat or cool places that don’t need to be heated or cooled.

It may seem like it’s common sense now but by the time you’ve read this. I suspect your already looking for an old roll of aluminum tape and planning a trip to the attic.

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